Wholesale Own Brand Free Design Dental Impression Tooth Mold Kit

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Teeth Putty 20/25 G:  4 Pairs

Teeth Impression Tray:  2 Pairs

Mouth Opener:  1 Piece

Nitrile Gloves:  1 Pair

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Dental impressions are used to create a close replica of either your set of teeth or your oral tissue or both. A plastic or metal"horseshoe" shaped tray which comfortably fits into your teeth and gums is chosen and inserted into your mouth. The tray can either be molded for the top, bottom or both teeth.



Teeth putty 20/25 g 4 pairs
Teeth impression tray 2 pairs
Mouth opener 1 piece
Nitrile gloves 1 pair
Instruction 1 volume

A. Custom logo on the box
B. Custom logo on the jar
C. User Manual /-UV, stress embossing/-Two-color printing/-Language customization/-Bronzing/-Custom stickers are available/-Shape, color
D. Impression tray
E. Putty customization
F. Our additional services/-Logo printing/-Setting time, mixing time/-Free design service/-Trays of different colors- time Small Medium Large/-Hardness, color OEM



1.Remove 1 tube of catalyst and 1 tub of base paste. Mix them together thoroughly with your hands by kneading and rolling for 1 minutes (the material should become one color). The material will begin to harden if you mix for more than 2 minutes. This amount of material is good for 1 tray.
2.Roll out hte material into a rope (the width of the tray). Press the material and shape into the tray. Make sure the material is smoothly distributed throughout the tray. This process should take no more than 45 seconds. IMPORTANT: make only one tray at a time. Do not mix and prepare both trays at once
3.Take the loaded tray and place over upper teeth. Teeth should be centered in the impression material. Press into the teeth firmly with fingers so you feel impression material flow over your teeth and minimally over gums. Make sure impression goes deep enough into the material so the teeth are covered. DO NOT BIT DOWN. Just hold in place with your fingers. The material will extrude through the holes in the tray. Keep the material in place for around 2 minutes. Remove by pulling straight down without wiggling. Rinse in cold water. DO NOT REMOVE THE IMPRESSION FROM THE TRAYS.Hot Tags: Wholesale Teeth Mold Kit, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale, price, private label

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