Oral cavity causes oral problems

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Basically, It Can Be Used From 0.1cp-35%Cp, 0.1hp-25%Hp!

The Latest Effect Is Good: Within 15-20 Minutes, Your Teeth Will Improve 5-8 Shades.

Preloaded Gel Teeth Whitening Oral Tray

Meet Food Grade, Mint Flavored Gel

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Basically, it can be used from 0.1cp-35%cp, 0.1hp-25%hp!

The latest effect is good: within 15-20 minutes, your teeth will improve 5-8 shades.

Preloaded gel teeth whitening oral tray

Meet food grade, mint flavored gel

Pre-installed 12%HP or 16%HP whitening gel.

Effective and super convenient for beauty salons.

Double-layer soft mouth tray

Vacuum aluminum bag sealing

CE approved.


Teeth Bleaching Pre-filled Gel Teeth Whitening Oral Tray Mouthpiece

There is no pallet to be formed.

There is no setup process.

It only takes 3 days to see obvious results.

Visible result
After 10 treatments a day, as many as 5 shades are whiter and brighter, and the smile is brighter.

Easy to use
You can whiten your teeth in just 3 simple steps, no moulded trays and no setup process.

Work fast
Show off your beautiful smile in just 20 minutes a day!

American formula
All of our tooth whitening gels are proudly made in the United States.


Hi! This is Nanchang White Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2010, Nanchang White is a professional company specializing in providing first-class dental care products. The company's product line includes tooth whitening products, such as tooth whitening strips, tooth whitening kits, tooth whitening gels and pens, and other oral care products, such as charcoal powder, anti-snoring mouth trays, etc. With leading R&D capabilities in this field, the company has passed CE,CPSR and SGS certifications, and has obtained all necessary certifications for this product, including CE, MSDS, etc.


For more than ten years, Nanchang White has been committed to providing safe and effective personal care products. The raw materials are food grade and pharmaceutical grade, and the entire production process is traceable. With a team of more than 20 experts and strong independent product development capabilities, Nanchang Whitening has achieved great success in the field of teeth whitening.

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