I reviewed the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and this is what it does to me

The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED light is an effective, high-tech, and side-effect-free tooth whitening method.Just make sure that everyone in the family knows that you will not be able to communicate in spoken language for 20 minutes a day.
After receiving free samples from the brand, we tested the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED lights.Read on for our full product review.
When I was in high school, I was exposed to teeth whitening kits for the first time.This was when Crest Whitestrips was all the rage.I like their idea-just stick on your teeth for a few weeks and you will have whiter teeth-but when it comes to side effects, I am not too keen on sore gums and tooth sensitivity (yes For me), there is nothing worse than this).
When I heard about the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED lights, I was very excited.Thanks to LED technology and specific whitening formulas, my teeth will become brighter and whiter without any side effects-at least I got the promise.This is how it affects me.
About the brand: Snow is an oral care company that sells award-winning high-tech tooth whitening serums.
Proper dental hygiene is very important to me.Bad breath is my most annoying place, and so is tooth decay-I am prone to tooth decay-so I make sure to brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush twice a day for two minutes each time, floss every night, and go to the dentist for two cleanings every night The following year.
As for the color of my teeth, I use a mild whitening toothpaste (Sensodyne). My teeth tend to be whiter on the front and yellower on the sides and back.They are also a bit crooked-I am the kid who never needed braces due to genetic miracles, but I am now considering using Invisalign (or a cheaper similar brand) to repair the cute little jaggies I developed.
Using the traditional white strip, I remember that a grainy feeling and an aftertaste would linger in my mouth for a few hours, which did not help-at least at the time-stating that I should not rinse my mouth after use .
This is not the case at all in the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.The set comes with a pen-like whitening gel (it reminds me of some lip glosses I used when I was a teenager, those lip glosses where you twist the bottom and the gel appears on the small brush from the top).
You can control the amount and position of application-I chose to apply more on the side because that is where my teeth are yellow-and I can avoid getting it on my gums.
The gel is also very smooth, leaving no residue or aftertaste.Another great thing?I can rinse my mouth gently after use.However, from a “feeling” point of view, one thing to note is that my saliva is a bit…hot when using LED lights.Therefore, when I swallow, I am swallowing warm saliva.Yes, this is a bit disgusting.
Snow Teeth Whitening Kit promises a gentler experience than other teeth whitening kits.Reading: No gum pain or tooth sensitivity, I have definitely experienced both of these in the past.
I know practice: after a few days, everything feels great.Then the 7th day came, and it was painful to suddenly post those little notes-it reminded me of the terrible phrase, “beauty is pain.”
I did not use extra-strength serum, which contains a higher concentration of peroxide, but using ordinary whitening sticks, I really did not experience any adverse side effects.
When I opened the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit for the first time, I was a little scared-what are these ropes and small metal rods?Fortunately, these instructions are easy to follow, which is a relief for people like me who are very impatient when reading lengthy instructions.
Basically, the process of using the kit is like this: apply whitening gel on your teeth, put the LED mouthguard in your mouth, and then insert it into one of your devices, which will light up a bright blue light. Connect The USB cable to the mouthguard is basically compatible with all devices you can imagine-I use it to plug into my iPhone and my laptop at the same time.
At first, I did not see any major results of the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.Over time, I have not experienced the side effects of using other teeth whitening kits, and I doubt this will happen.But after about two weeks, I noticed that my teeth were a little whiter, and by the third week, they were a lot whiter.Not dazzling white, but whiter.
So yes, this toolkit works.But you have to be patient: according to the instructions, the complete result will take 21 days. This is a fact: it will not happen overnight.
One more thing to note: Never speak when using the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.The mouthguard will fall out of your mouth, and you will drool everywhere.When I put on the LED mouthguard, my husband tends to ask me questions for 20 minutes a day, at which time I have to text him to answer.Therefore, if you plan to whiten in the company of other people, please let them know that you will not be able to speak.
Snow tooth whitening kit is very cheap.You can buy the basic Crest Whitestrips for $50 or this tooth whitening kit for about $150.As a person who attaches great importance to oral hygiene and health, the painless experience that will not damage my gums or teeth is worth an extra $100 for me.
Crest 3D Whitestrips ($46): My only experience in whitening teeth is to use the super popular Crest Whitestrips.I have used it several times in my life, but I have never been the biggest fan of this experience, even though it will eventually produce whiter teeth.
Although Crest Whitestrips are more affordable, the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED lights is a better product and a better overall experience for me.I know that Crest now has an LED option, which may not be uncomfortable, but I haven’t tested it yet.
If you want to get whiter teeth without pain, please choose the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED lights.You will end up smiling brighter without potentially painful side effects and bad aftertastes.

Post time: Jan-04-2022