How to whiten teeth, Gigi Lai and Zhong Jiaxin’s exclusive method of whitening teeth

Gigi Lai is never lazy when it comes to tooth protection. She shared her tips for whitening teeth in a film earlier, saying that she was born with a good set of teeth and had not undergone any orthodontic treatments for many years. The color of the teeth is natural. Nevertheless, she believes that The hard work of the day after tomorrow cannot be ignored. She still attaches importance to dental care. Here are her 5 tips for whitening teeth. Gigi Lai pointed out that she will brush her teeth in the morning and evening every day. If conditions permit, she will also brush her teeth after lunch to lay a solid foundation for healthy teeth.

Gigi Lai’s method of whitening teeth 1. Brush your teeth in circular motions with an electric toothbrush
Brushing your teeth in the morning, afternoon and evening is certainly important, but the technique of brushing is also an important part. Gigi Lai believes that brushing teeth must be “circular brushing” in order to clean every corner of the teeth most effectively, and can also massage the gums. Try to avoid brushing your teeth up and down, because it is easy to damage your gums. If you are not good at brushing your teeth in circular motions, you can use an electric toothbrush helper.

Gigi Lai’s method of whitening teeth 2. Choose anti-allergic toothpaste
When choosing oral care products, Gigi Lai will also first evaluate the needs and conditions of her teeth. For example, when the gums are more sensitive, she will choose some toothpastes with soothing or anti-allergic toothpastes to stabilize the tooth nerves and reduce the sensitivity and soreness of the teeth .

Gigi Gigi’s method of whitening teeth 3. Clean tongue coating
In addition, the cleaning of the tongue should not be ignored. Gigi Lai will use a tongue coating stick to clean the tongue coating after brushing her teeth. This can not only increase the sensitivity of taste buds, but also prevent tooth decay, dental plaque or other gum diseases. Gigi Lai’s Teeth Whitening Method 5. Use Teeth Whitening Patches Weekly. Gigi Lai said that she would use the tooth whitening patch once a week for half an hour each time. Not only is it convenient to use, the price is more affordable, and the effect is very significant.

Post time: Aug-05-2021