lmpression Materials OEM Teeth Putty

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Chemical Properties:  Vinyl Polysiloxane
Manual Operation Time:  2 Minutes (Working Environment Around 23°C)
Take Out Time From Mouth:  3 Minutes
Maximum Compression Deformation Rate:  < 1.0%; Deformation Recovery Rate: > 99.0%

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Teeth putty can print out accurate teeth impressions, provide help for making accurate dental molds, and can be compatible with other dental molding putty. Teeth putty with private label service can get into one kit for personal impression made.

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The teeth mold made by teeth putty has high accuracy, can reproduce the fine structure of the oral cavity, has good elastic recovery, sufficiently large tear strength and dimensional stability, and can provide accurate and reliable morphological basis for dental clinics. Teeth putty also has compatibility with all model materials, can be rfilled within a period of time after being made, and can be sterilized.

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Chemical properties: vinyl polysiloxane
Manual operation time: 2 minutes (working environment around 23°C)
Take out time from mouth: 3 minutes
Maximum compression deformation rate: < 1.0%; deformation recovery rate: > 99.0%
Maximum volume change: 24 hours <0.3%; 336 hours (two weeks) <0.3%
Compressive deformation rate: 1.0-3.0% (0 type); 2.0-6.0% (1 type, 2 type, 3 type)
Suggested plaster casting time: 2 hours to 2 weeks
Specific technical parameters can be customized according to customer need

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The teeth putty with one- piece bottle design prevents the loss of the bottle cap from causing the failure of the impression material, and also avoids the failure of the base paste and the catalyst cap due to the wrong cover.Teeth putty is currently the most ideal packaging form, can also avoid the influence of light. Hot Tags: Teeth Putty, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesale, price, private label Previous:Wholesale Dental Putty with Private Label / Next:Wholesale Private Label Free Design Dental Impression Teeth Mold Kit

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